Mentoring is Vital

Research Rookies at NIU

Unearthing personal and surprising themes of performers/researchers who staged an adaptation of YELLOW WALLPAPER made this project engaging and inspiring.  This reflection and examination of experiences offered Halle and Abby (Research Rookies) as well as Dr. Corwin (mentor) a deeply meaningful project in content as well as a clear process to bring to future research. 

Research Rookies Halle Hoffman (left) and Abby Ferree (right) created and executed a qualitative pilot study looking at the impacts of working on an devised theatrical production of The Yellow Wallpaper as performers. (Corwin in the middle.)

University Honors Scholarship Grant Program:
Academic Research Fellowships

2017-2018 Emma Harvey created a research project "Create Marketing Internship Program" occurring summer 2017 at American Players Theatre where she shadowed administration and proposed an internship program for the future. $4,500

2017-2018 Corinne Gahan created a research project "Imaginary; a Continuation of Nihility to Vitality" that began as an intern at Oak Park Festival Theatre where she interviewed several members of the company to discover
their components to put on a successful production, to then create, direct, and produce her own show on campus. $4,500


2016-2017 Jacob Chan created a research project "Globe-trotting" that will take him to London, England, to examine the elements of great theatre to be applied to a play he creates. $1,000

2017-2018 Olivia Hullett created a research project "Acting and Irish Theatre" comparing American theater training to Irish as well as Irish performances. $2,500