Work With Dr. Heather

  • Examine ethical practices

  • Develop trust through engagement

  • Evaluate current cultural limitations

  • Strategically plan and implement best practices

  • Overcome learned helplessness based on bureaucratic gridlock

The Problem.  Working in the arts exposes people to all kinds of abuse in the name of tradition and creative genius.  This mistreatment has to stop.  My whole life I've been an actor, now I'm also an educator, researcher, and psychologist.  After earning my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I began to recognize a variety of unethical practices that are standard in the field of teaching actor training.  This practice regularly exploits trauma in students for the sake of a "great" performance.  Until the leadership in theatre education is willing to identify the ethical crisis we face, nothing can change for students or for the future of actor training. 

A Solution.  Dr. Heather works with groups to make meaningful and lasting changes in operational procedures of departments so that ethical standards can be introduced and practiced.  The legacy we leave for the next generation of artists can be both healthy and enjoyable.  Through Dr. Heather's psychological expertise combined with her lifelong dedication to performance, your group can discover a new way of operating that is inspiring, full of integrity, and spreads the joy that is essential when engaging in the arts.  Call Dr. Heather: Your first step to get us back to creativity and inspired work.

Heather Corwin's degrees include a Bachelor's of Theatre in Fine Arts, a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a Somatic Concentration.  Dr. Corwin served as the Head of Movement at Northern Illinois University where she where among a small group of exceptional early career researchers, identified to participate in the P.I. Academy.  She teaches courses on awareness, behavior, impulse recognition and action, communication, and affect or emotional recognition.  Before working at NIU, Heather taught at Pasadena City College, Ashland University, and Azusa Pacific University. 

Heather's career mission is to help people become comfortable practicing daily integrity.  This mission spans psychology, theatre performance and engagement, acting, and bodywork application of Rolfing Structural Integration.  Her research explores the impacts of emotional intelligence, actor training, psychological well-being and stress management.  She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Players Journal and has published articles spanning great teaching, research methods, interdisciplinary fields, sensory awareness, empathy, the therapeutic relationship, and the relationship between actor training and emotional intelligence. She is a monthly vlog contributor to Somatic Psychotherapy Today, Take a Tool and Run! As an actress, her work has been seen in countries all over the world.  She has performed in award winning network television and regional theater throughout the U.S.  As a coach, Heather works with groups to best understand needs, actions to suit the needs, identifying behavior in others, mending relationships, and producing results under pressure. This layers with skills of listening and trust. In 2017, Dr. Corwin was nominated for the distinction of Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day Faculty Member of the Year