Heather Corwin


Height: 5'6"

Hair: Curly Brown

Eyes: Brown

Voice: Belter, G3 to C6; belt to C5


Training:  MFA Theatre from Florida State U/Asolo Conservatory

Location: Chicago, IL

Willing to travel


GREY'S ANATOMY "New History" #609, Casey's Mom (Co-Star), Rob Corn, ABC

LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS, Deputy Patricia, TBC Films, Independent Feature

THE RABBI,Principal/Sarah Cohen, Stephen Yake, Independent Feature

A GREAT MEETING, Principal/Brenda Jeff Wolf, ImageMaker

SUNDAY SCHOOL FAVORITES, Principal/Counselor Katie, Ben Ryan,Vision Tree Productions

GET SERIOUS, Featured, Ray Stevens Productions, Feature Film

29th and 31st CMA Awards, TelePrompTer Stand-in, Deaton/Flanigen , Gaylord Entertainment


Sneeze on Cue

Motorcycle license

Fire arms skills

Hand to Hand Combat

Style work/historical behavior



proficient at European dialects


EVERYBODY SAY "CHEESE!" (by G. Marshall), Gail, S. Zuckerman, Falcon Theatre

BRIGHT IDEAS, Lynzie; Mrs.: Heath, Labradour, Menteith, Malcolm; c.desai, International City Theatre

HAY FEVER, Myra Arundel,G. Lazier, Asolo Theatre Festival

BURIAL AT THEBES, Antigone, L. Colombi, Ensemble Thtr., Cleveland Playhouse

LOVES LABOURS LOST,Katherine, K. Mitchell, American Stage

AS YOU LIKE IT, Phoebe, J. Jackson, Nashville Shakespeare Festival

FERDINAND THE BULL, Cochina, R. Castro, MainStreet Theatre Company

LIFE X 3, Sonia, G. Lazier, Banyan Theatre Company

SCARDEYCATS, Trina Duffy, D. Clayton, Fremont Center Theatre

MACBETH, Witch 3, T. McCalister, Nashville Shakespeare Fest.

ANGRY GODS AND LOST MARBLES,Dora, J. Slowiak and P. Lacy, Ashland Studio Theatre

SELKIES, Black Hair, Scot Copeland, Nashville Children's Theatre

IMAGINARY INVALID, Diaforius/Purgon/Bonnefoi/Flearant, M. Eginton, Cook Theatre

WAY OF THE WORLD, Mincing, Norman Ayrton, Cook Theatre

I HATE HAMLET, Diedre McDade, Maggie Bowden, TN Repertory Theatre

BLUE ROOM, Married Woman, D. Newer, Cook Theatre

MFA in Theatre: FSU/Asolo Conservatory

BFA in Theatre: Millikin University

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology: TCSPP


Viewpoints: Alexandra Billings

Yoga: Shiva Rea

Training & Workshops
Commercial conflicts upon request.