Inspiration, Where to FIND It

Slow down to see the details.

I've been watching Mozart in the Jungle, and one of the episodes looks at how an artist develops an arsenal of inspiration. As Uta Hagen and any number of other master acting teachers would agree, read, travel, experience places and people, embrace different cultures, and listen.

Now, most people might hear "listen" as engaging with people to hear their stories. In truth, this is a small part of what can be seminal for an artist: listening to your inner voice. If you have no guide inside, you cannot be the best version of your expressive self. Another way to think about this is to develop your ability to recognize your impulses.

My favorite way to cultivate a relationship with my guide inside (a.ka.a. inner voice) is to spend time in nature and working on my sensory awareness (as defined and articulated by Charlotte Selver). If I'm able to spend 5 minutes sitting outside in a secluded area, I focus on the sensations that are around me by choosing one sense at a time to engage. My favorite is touch, so I often leave that for last. This exploration also helps remind me how to make the connections between my most primal self and my operating/social self.

Connecting with impulse identification will aid your identifying your core self, moment to moment. Try this and let me know how it goes!


Copyright 2016 Heather L. Corwin, Ph.D.

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