Work Well With Others

Collaboration is at the core of theatrical creativity. The people working in the room have to be able to work with each other - and working well together often means more inspiration to do better work. But how do you determine what qualities should be most present in the room to foster a creative environment?

I think determining what the best qualities to have in the room tend to be universal or some version of these:




Kind is to be open to others input and feedback, even when you do not have an initial reaction that supports the direction given. Kind is also being kind to yourself when you do not express the moment in the way you had hoped you would, so try again. This also includes making sure you treat everyone in the room with respect, no matter who they are or their job in the process.

Authentic is knowing when you’re telling the truth about what is happening and what you would like to have happen. An example of being authentic might be knowing that the moment calls for you to really annihilate this person (as a character), and you have to be in a place where you can’t be joking around in the moment before because joking doesn’t help you get to the next moment. As long as you’re authentic in your listening to yourself and asking for what you need, you’re working well in the room. I would add that if there’s any way for you to self-propel being authentic more than asking others for what you need, you’ll be happier (when this is possible).

Curious is a constant activity asking yourself, “is this the best way to do this? Convey this? Express this?” As long as you’re not complacent, you’ll be a person who works well with others and who others wish to work with often.

Let me know how it goes!

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