Light Your Fire Within

There are days when I am stunned by how much I enjoy my life. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of crappy days that hit as well, but mostly I'm content. The reason is I really listen to that little voice inside me that is my "fire." Every time I've listened, I know if I'm on the right path. I know if I'm right for a job. I'll know if a friendship is one that I'll enjoy and find much laughter. My favorite fire kindles when I'm around my husband: sparks, embers, inferno! But how do I listen? I listen with my skin as it gets goose bumps to be dramatically obvious about something being good for me. I'll listen to my thoughts which either get excited and I am drawn to a person or situation or the thoughts produce an exit strategy. I listen to whether or not my body feels good or bad. Amazingly, I find life extremely satisfying and appropriate for me if I simply listen to my fire. If you feel like your inner fire is at a blaze 24/7 and you're a little out of practice listening, or worse - you keep getting burned, go to a natural setting like a wildlife preserve and find a place of solitude. (I like nature. If you hate nature, try a place you know you can be still and observe your personal reactions to things.) Find a spot that's comfy and be still for at least 5 minutes. Listen to what you think. If you inner chatter is super loud, stay another 5 minutes until you're able to focus on your surroundings and your reactions to them. Let me know what you discover! Your inner fire isn't about burning yourself up, it's about setting the world ablaze with your power! Your fire signifies that which only you can bring into this world. Be bold!

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