Mistakes Help You Grow

There are moments when you know you've put something out there in the world that did not actually land with others they way you intended, nor did you serve the purpose you were intending. That's life. What's important here is not that it happened, but that you recognize the reactions and fall out and address the mistake. Dive in and repair the damage or redirect.

There's a reason why learning happens so fast with mistakes: people let you know that the choice(s) didn't work. Choose something else. Be brave. Take the hit, acknowledge it, and try again. People admire others who embody tenacity. Endure. Be kind. Ask for forgiveness if that's a part of the mistake, but if not- just move on and try something else.

Set your ego aside and see what the moment can teach you. I promise practicing this approach will open doors to yourself and others. I'd love to hear about your triumphs and failures.

DIVE in!

Copyright 2016 Heather L. Corwin, Ph.D.

#mistake #failure #learning #kindess #forgive

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