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Discovering what you're good at is vital to your happiness. When you follow your self-knowledge, you're able to then keep weeding out the elements of your life to evolve to your most satisfied life. I began my journey knowing I wanted to be an actress, so I became one. I was told that the life would be hard, which is accurate. What I wasn't clear on in my early career is the truth that unless I started performing on screen often, there was no way I could ever support myself solely as an actress. At present, an enviable job on stage pays about $750 a week. Who can live on that in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles?

Justice: Weigh Your Options

A myth that I was told when emerging as an actress is "you can't have a relationship or family and be an actress." Being married and happy has nothing to do with whether or not I could perform on stage regularly, it has everything to do with recognizing standards of living. As a single person in my twenties, I didn't care about how many roommates I had. I my thirties, I did care. I didn't want to worry about money and live hand to mouth "for the love of the craft (of acting)." Enjoying something should not translate to suffering.

Recently, a former acting student and I were talking about her trajectory. She's earning her master's degree so that she can be a paralegal. Her income will be between 75 and 90 thousand dollars a year. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure can help make a person more comfortable to pursue hobbies that refuse to pay a living wage. The skills you learn in any sector will transfer to others. When you're able to identify the parts of interaction that you enjoy the most, you will shed light on what to pursue as your career.

Simultaneous careers exist for all artists. Figure out what your life needs and wants. Try to untangle what your family's expectations are (real or imagined) to insure your answers have integrity with as little bias as possible. "Life the life you imagine."

Copywright 2019 Dr. Heather Corwin

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