Choose Your Best Path

The way you know your life has converged successfully for you is to continually ask yourself the questions:


Does this make me happy?

Should I be doing something else?

How does my body feel when I’m

doing this work?

What other type of person do I need

around to make this better?

In my life, these questions have helped guide me to be the best person I know how to be and to live the life I crave. When I have answers to these questions, I may not be able to make a change immediately; but I can map out a plan to address what I need over time. I’ve also learned that I have to pick one thing at a time to work on until I have the courage and ability to chuck what I’m doing and boldly change my life. This usually includes quitting a job or moving across country. Not everyone has the ability to do that or would want to, so you have to determine your bottom lines to your life and what you’re willing to negotiate for what you need. This process is what works for me - continually assessing my life; thereby, fostering a personally driven and satisfying life.

Compromise is often the necessity of change; but when you are acting out of self-knowledge, you will discover a path that can join the many skills you have with the career you create. Not everyone will understand or appreciate the work you put into your life to manifest your goals, but you will know you are living the life for which you are hungry. If or when the hunger subsides, transfer those skills to a new hunger that is waiting for you in your heart. To paraphrase, go boldly in the direction of your dreams!

(an excerpt from an article Structural Integration Journal)

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