What Students Say

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Aristotle

"I never knew the importance of finding that my body is

more of a tool than I expected."

Jonathan E., NIU student

"With assistance from (Heather) and my classmates, I found stretches I could do to help move tension through the muscles that were in pain."

Zoe G., NIU student

"(Work with Heather) has really taught me to be more aware of the things I’m doing with my body and how to find new and exciting things that I wouldn’t usually think of doing."

Ben H., NIU student

"(Heather's) entire (teaching) is about allowing the body to inform my acting choices and learning how to listen to my body so that I can give the best performance."

Mikkel K., NIU student

"What I learn in life, I use in acting, and what I learn while in (Heather's) class, I use in everyday life."

Kayti S., NIU student

"I used to think the first thing that needed to be done was to analyze and break down what the words meant (in a script). But after breaking down my scene with Jacob by first finding what was happening using movement, I will now look at scripts a different way. When you can understand and tell a story without words, (you are) truly able to live truthfully in the script."

Izzy H., NIU student

"(Heather's) class helps me thrive every single day.  You get us in a way that most people don't, and I thank you for that."

Juan S., NIU student

"I had a lot of animosity toward myself and the role for a while. However after speaking with (Heather) about that, ... my perspective started to change. Somewhere along the way I found confidence in myself to make the best of this character. And every night when I went out on that stage I was beyond proud."  Jessica A., NIU student

"(Heather's) class has informed my acting by allowing me to open myself to experiences viscerally. I feel that as we work out and strengthen our bodies, I am actually peeling away layers of negative self talk and the fear to make large choices."

Julia S., NIU student


"I had so much fun finding the perfect animal and then going

through my scene as that animal with my partner (as an) animal. It was goofy, educational, fun, and eye opening all at once."  Caroline W., NIU student

"I am grateful for all of the knowledge and wisdom you have given to us, and that you truly hold our artistic journey to a high esteem. You make not just me, but us, want to be beautiful, talented, and amazing artists. Thank you."

Joe C., NIU student

"(Heather's) class has helped me become a better actor because I am learning how to really tap into my body and get out of my head."

Johnny H., NIU student