Engaging Work

Pandemic Podcast How To Parent in This Mess?! with writer and Mom Cindy Jenkins  (link coming soon)

Embodied Research Interview of Dr. Corwin by Dr. Katie Linder of Oregon State University podcast (click here to listen).


What's Happening

Dr. Corwin is a clinical fellow and LPC at Blackbird Behavioral Health working with as she trains to become a licensed clinical psychologist.  

You can find Heather working with clients in her home studio and Rolfing practice, which she's worked with people to help facilitate body ease for over 25 years.


Voice over work in the veins of comedy, historical fiction, romance, children's stories, and more keep Heather connected with her belief that sharing stories of all kinds helps celebrate the differences of people, culture, and choices. 

Take a Tool and RUN!

Staff contributor for Somatic Psychotherapy Today. "Take a Tool and RUN!" is a monthly vlog that offers quick and effective tools to share somatic centering practices.  This is Dr. Corwin's second year writing and vloging for SPT.